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How to Borrow

Magulandia encourages the dissemination and discovery of Gilbert “Magu” Luján’s legacy and considers loan requests from qualified non-profit museums, organizations, and galleries for temporary exhibitions. The borrowing organization is required to undertake all costs for packing, transporting, handling and insuring the artworks in transit to and from the venue and during exhibition of the works.

Initial Research

Potential borrowers are encouraged to make initial inquiries and to conduct research using the Magulandia Archive in advance of the request deadlines. Because we are a closed stack facility, the collection is available for research by appointment only. We will make every effort to respond to all public inquiries within ten working days of the receipt of the request.

Loan Request

Please submit all requests at least 180 days prior to the loan and include the following:

  1. Title and purpose of the exhibition
  2. Dates of exhibition
  3. Location of venue
  4. Profit/non-profit status of organizing institution
  5. List of potential works to borrow
  6. Include a Facilities Report for the venue


Magulandia encourages lending of objects and materials from our collections to recognized institutions who have an established exhibition program and professional staff with expertise to care for the loaned items.

To enable Magulandia to loan materials from the collection, fees are charged for the administration and preparation of the loan. The borrower is also responsible for all relevant costs incurred by a loan, including packing, shipping, and insurance.

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